Voluntary Commitment Report 2017

The Anhydrides Joint Industry Taskforce has produced it's first Progress Report on the Voluntary Commitment that it initiated in 2016! It is downloadable below and allows you to read up on the progress that has been made in the safe handling of Anhydrides.

Exposure and Medical Inventory Report

Part of the Anhydrides Joint Industry Taskforce work after the public consultation was to develop a harmonised measurement methodology and to measure exposure in each member company plant.  The first results of these measurements, combined with data obtained from a survey of company doctors on the occurrence of adverse health events related to the use [...]

AJIT Public Consultation Report

In December 2015 the Anhydrides Joint Industry Taskforce was founded with a mission to collect any available information on the use of anhydrides for the then recently opened ECHA Public Consultation on the Draft Prioritisation for Authorisation List. An Industry Consultation Questionnaire was send out by AJIT to users of anhydrides to collect information on: [...]

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